網絡賺錢|免費賺比特幣的方法怎麼每天在家上網賺$100美元(中英字幕點CC) how to make bitcoin money for free

it is good 欢迎再次回到我的YouTube频道
Welcome back to my YouTube channel again 那么在今天的视频里面
Then in today’s video 我会给大家介绍一个
I will introduce you to one. 非常简单的赚钱方法
Very simple way to make money 这个方法就跟大家吃饭和睡觉一样简单
This method is as simple as eating and sleeping. 因为大家都有上网的经历
Because everyone has an experience on the Internet 或者是说你平常打开一个浏览器
Or that you usually open a browser 浏览一组网页
Browse a set of web pages 就像这么简单一样
Just like this is as simple 今天这个赚钱的方法
Today’s way to make money 主要是通过下载一个浏览器
Mainly by downloading a browser 但是你并不需要用这个浏览器来上网
But you don’t need to use this browser to go online. 或者是做一些其他的动作
Or do some other action 你只需要打开它
You only need to open it 开启一个挖矿的程序就可以了
Open a mining program. 当然赚的也是比特币
Of course, it’s also Bitcoin. 而不是美元或者是人民币
Not the dollar or the renminbi 还有其他的币种
There are other currencies 如果大家不知道比特币是什么
If everyone doesn’t know what Bitcoin is 可以通过百度词条
Can pass Baidu entry 或者是百度百科
Or Baidu Encyclopedia 去查看一下相关的介绍
Go check the related introduction 当然
of course 这个比特币也是比较值钱
This bitcoin is also worth more. 大概在2017年的时候
About 2017 比特币达到了他的巅峰
Bitcoin reached his peak 也就是一个比特币
That is a bitcoin 大概等于$19850美元
Probably equal to $19,850 而且这个赚钱的方法也非常简单
And this method of making money is also very simple. 只需要你下载一个程序
Just need you to download a program 这个程序就是一个浏览器
This app is a browser 浏览器里面多了一个挖矿的程序
There is a mining program in the browser. 你只需要打开它
You only need to open it 并且放在那里挂机就可以了
And put it there and hang up. 如果您是第一次来到我的YouTube频道
If you are coming to my YouTube channel for the first time 那么我的频道主要是给大家介绍
Then my channel is mainly for everyone 一些最新的网络赚钱方法
Some of the latest ways to make money online 怎么样
how about it 快速的在线赚钱
Make money online quickly 如果你喜欢我的频道
If you like my channel 或者是喜欢我的视频
Or like my video 可以点击视频下方的订阅按钮
You can click the subscribe button below the video. 同时开启旁边的小铃铛提醒
Also turn on the small bell next to it 这样
such 每次我有新的视频发布
Every time I have a new video release 你就可以在第一时间看到我的视频了
You can see my video in the first place. 给大家看一组我的提现记录
Show everyone a set of my withdrawal records 这大概是我
This is probably me 本月五号
This month, the fifth 还有18号
There is also number 18 分别提现过一次
Revisited once 这前面是我的比特币地址
This is my bitcoin address in front of me. 对吧
Right 这里是日期
Here is the date 处理状态
Processing status 这里显示的已经是处理完成
What is shown here is already processed. 这里是提现的金额
Here is the amount of withdrawal 当然这个是比特币的
Of course this is bitcoin 对吧
Right 我现在帐户又有这么多比特币
I have so many bitcoins in my account now. 但是我最近没有去提现
But I have not paid for it recently. 因为最近跌的比较厉害啊
Because the recent fall is more powerful. 如果大家不知道比特币是什么
If everyone doesn’t know what Bitcoin is 可以在这里面去看一下
You can look at it here. 他并不是现实的货币
He is not a real currency 而是一个虚拟的加密
But a virtual encryption 数字货币
Digital currency 在2017年12月17号
On December 17, 2017 比特币已达到了它的最高价
Bitcoin has reached its highest price 一个比特币大概等于19850美元
A bitcoin is roughly equal to $19,850 今天要给大家介绍的就是这个
This is what I want to introduce to you today. cryptobrowser.site
Cryptobrrowser.site 打开这个网站
Open this website 这是它的首页
This is its homepage 这里可以切换语言
Here you can switch languages 根据大家的情况
According to everyone’s situation 他同时支持多端
He also supports multi-end 支持安卓
Support for Android IOS
And MacOS Windows
Windows 大家根据自己的情况去下载
Everyone downloads according to their own situation. 点击这里就可以去下载了
Click here to download it. 这里面
Inside 我已经下载过了
I have already downloaded it. 我这里就不下载了
I will not download it here. 在下载好了之后
After downloading it, 大家去安装一下
Let’s go and install it. 首次进来他应该是这样一个界面
For the first time, he should be such an interface. 它右上角有这么一个图标
It has such an icon in the upper right corner 这个图标就是开启挖矿的功能
This icon is the function to open mining 点击这个图标
Click this icon 去打开挖矿的接口
To open the interface for mining 那么开启以后
Then open 这里就是你看到的首页
Here is the home page you see. 这个进度条就表示
This progress bar indicates 你的CPU的能力
The power of your CPU 你愿意分配多少的CPU资源去进行挖矿
How much CPU resources are you willing to allocate to mine? 这里一般可以给到最大
Here you can generally give the maximum 实际上他只会使用50%
In fact, he only uses 50% 这里点击login去登陆一下
Click on login to log in. 登陆的话可以使用你的谷歌账户
If you log in, you can use your Google account. 或者事Fackbook去登录
Or go to the Facebook to log in. 我建议大家还是使用谷歌账号
I suggest that you still use a Google account. 去登陆一下
Go and log in 如果你是Windows用户
If you are a Windows user 这里打开之后可以看到
Can be seen after opening here 这个进程的占用
Occupation of this process 大概会占用这么多CPU
Will probably take up so many CPUs 因为它是用于计算的
Because it is for calculation 所以吃的这个CPU比较多
So eat more of this CPU 所以
and so 你会发现你的风扇转得特别的快
You will find that your fan turns very fast 其实它就是CPU占用比较高的原因啊
In fact, it is the reason why the CPU usage is relatively high. 那么你用谷歌账号去注册
Then you use Google account to register 登录以后
After login 他会让你确认一下邮件
He will let you confirm the mail 点击这里就会给你的邮箱
Click here to give you your email address 发送一个激活链接
Send an activation link 同样的
same 你点击那个激活链接
You click on the activation link 就可以在这里面去激活账户了
You can activate your account here. 右上角可以看到你当前登录的账户
In the upper right corner you can see the account you are currently logged into. 这里就是刚才介绍的面板
Here is the panel just introduced 当然我这里现在是禁用的
Of course I am disabled now. 点一下
click 这里现在是你计算机的哈希能力
Here is the hashing power of your computer. 这个每秒的哈希能力
This hash per second 就是表示你计算机
Is to represent your computer 计算能力的一个指标
An indicator of computing power 当然
of course 我已经提前为这个程序分配了CPU的限制的
I have already assigned the CPU limit for this program in advance. 所以大家看到了这里不是很高
So everyone saw that it is not very high here. 对吧
Right 因为我不想太占用
Because I don’t want to take it too 我的CPU
My CPU 这里就是我赚的
Here is what I earned. 总的比特币
Total bitcoin 大家可以去看一下这个换算
You can go and see this conversion. 这里可以兑换一下
I can redeem it here. 0.00087949
0.00087949 大概等于七块多美金
Probably equal to seven dollars 这里多输入了一个
Enter more than one here. 咦
what 8794大概等于6 55美元
8794 is roughly equal to $6,55 我这里暂停一下
I will pause here. 这个地方
this place 表示你已经通过挖矿
Indicate that you have already drilled 获得的比特币
Bitcoin 大概是这么多
Probably so much 同时换算成美元
Converted into dollars at the same time 大概是这么多
Probably so much 那这个是什么意思
What does this mean? 这个代表是你通过联盟营销程序
This representative is your marketing program through the alliance 也就是你把下面这个链接分享给其他人
That is, you share the following link to others. 其他人通过这个链接访问他们的官网
Others access their official website through this link 然后下载他们的程序
Then download their program 就算一次有效的推广吧
Even an effective promotion 这里也会增加相应的人数
There will also be a corresponding number of people here. 一旦别人通过你这个链接去下载
Once someone else downloads through your link 那么你拿到的比特币的提成就会越来越高
Then the bitcoin you get will get higher and higher. 大家可以看到
Everyone can see 我这个联盟营销程序
My affiliate marketing program 为我赚到了$6.5431美元
Earned $6.5431 for me 对吧
Right 也就是这么多比特币
That is so many bitcoins 但是最近这个比特币跌的比较厉害
But recently this bitcoin has fallen sharply. 从八千多掉到了七千四百多吧
From more than 8,000 to more than 7,400 所以我最近也没有去提现
So I haven’t cashed in recently. 大家不要想着
Don’t think about it 通过自己的电脑
Through your own computer 或者是笔记本
Or a notebook 来赚更多的比特币
To earn more bitcoin 这是不现实的
This is unrealistic 因为你最后可能连那个电费都赚不到
Because you may not even earn that electricity bill at the end. 但是我大部分赚的
But most of what I earn 都是通过联盟营销来赚得
Are earned through affiliate marketing 也就是把我的链接分享给其他人
That is to share my link with others 其他人通过了的链接
Links passed by others 来下载这个程序以后
After downloading this program 我就可以赚的比较多
I can earn more. 并且这个收入是源源不断的
And this income is constantly flowing 你必须要去分享给更多的人
You have to share it with more people. 也就是像我现在做视频一样
That is, like I am doing video now. 也就是为了我的链接能够曝光给更多的人吧
That is, for my link to be exposed to more people. 大家可以通过这个链接
Everyone can pass this link 去加入一下我的挖矿网络
Go and join my mining network 这个网站的链接
Link to this website 还有我的专属的个人链接
And my own personal link 我已经放在下方的视频描述里面
I have placed it in the video description below 大家可以去点击查看一下
You can click to check it out. 他这里也有一些相关的提示
He also has some related tips here. 就是说把你的促销内容也就是你个人的
That is to say, your promotional content is your personal 这个链接
This link 通过社交媒体或者是消息的一些程序
Some programs through social media or messaging 或者是一些实时的IM聊天工具
Or some real-time IM chat tools 之前给大家介绍过的那个telegram
The telegram that I introduced to everyone before. 对吧
Right 这里面
Inside 并且你每天需要把这个浏览器给打开
And you need to open this browser every day. 同时把这个按钮点开
Also push this button 点开就会跳到这个界面
Click on it to jump to this interface 跳到这个界面
Jump to this interface 把这个开到最大
Open this to the maximum 同时把这个东西点开
At the same time, open this thing 点开以后
After opening 你就可以自动的进行挖矿了
You can automatically mine 一定要确保这里是打开的
Be sure to make sure it is open 并且这里是有速度的
And here is speed 就代表你正在运行这个程序
It means that you are running this program 还有一个就是尽量的把这些链接曝光给更多的人
Another is to expose these links to more people as much as possible. 让更多的人参与你的网络
Let more people participate in your network 支持我的视频
Support my video 可以通过我的链接去下载一下
Can download it through my link 感谢大家
Thank you everyone 点击右上角
Click on the top right corner 这里可以看到你帐户的余额
Here you can see the balance of your account. 还有挖矿所赚得的金额
There is also the amount earned by the mining company. 这个是你自己的电脑挖矿
This is your own computer mining 赚的比特币
Earn bitcoin 还有美金
There is also US dollar affiliate
Owner 这个代表是联盟营销
This representative is affiliate marketing 也就是通过你的链接下载
That is, download through your link 并且运行比特币程序
And running the bitcoin program 赚的美金
Earn money 总共赚的比特币有这么多
There are so many bitcoins earned in total. 然后美元是$6.55
Then the dollar is $6.55 对吧
Right 我当前邀请了127个人
I currently invite 127 people. 也就是有127个人
That is, there are 127 people 通过这个链接来注册
Register via this link 同时还有这么多端
There are so many ends 有安卓
Have Android IOS端
IOS side 这里可以点击一下浏览详情
Here you can click to view details 开发你自己的挖矿网络
Develop your own mining network 他这里大概给的有十级
He is probably given ten levels here. 你邀请的人数越多
The more people you invite 你赚的钱就越多
The more money you make 因为你邀请更多的人来使用他们的产品
Because you invite more people to use their products. 他们肯定会提高你的比特币收益
They will definitely increase your bitcoin revenue 他这里给了个算法
He gave an algorithm here. 你邀请的人数
The number of people you invited 如果你邀请了十个人
If you invite ten people 然后计算邀请了十个人
Then calculated to invite ten people 你每个月大概可以赚$6
You can earn about $6 a month. 如果是250人
If it is 250 people 大概你每个月可以赚$50
Maybe you can earn $50 a month. 当然
of course 这个$50
This $50 你什么事情都不用做
You don’t have to do anything. 下一个
next 就是关于他这个支付证明
It’s about his proof of payment. 他确实是一个合法的网站
He is indeed a legitimate website 因为我已经提现两次到我的火币帐户了
Because I have already cashed twice to my Firecoin account. 这个是他最小的提现金额
This is his smallest amount of cash. 如果你们没有达到他要求的金额
If you have not reached the amount he requested 你们点击提现
You click to withdraw 可能会出现这个界面
This interface may appear 它最小的提现金额是$0.00001比特币
Its minimum cash withdrawal is $0.00001 bitcoin 那么我这里点击提现
Then I click here to withdraw cash 就是这个界面
This interface 因为我现在已经是达标的
Because I am already up to standard 在第一个框里面输入你的比特币地址
Enter your bitcoin address in the first box 第二个输入你的比特币的金额
The second amount to enter your bitcoin 就可以点击这个地方去提现了
You can click on this place to withdraw it. 我上一期的视频
My last video 有给大家介绍过一个火币的帐户
Have an account for everyone to introduce a fire coin 对吧
Right 大家还有印象吗
Do you still have an impression? 我进来
I am coming in 我的火币账户
My fire currency account 这里点击
Click here 法币账户
Legal currency account 法币账户之后
After the legal currency account 可以看到这个界面
Can see this interface 这个界面有这么多币种
This interface has so many currencies 对吧
Right 然后第一个就是比特币
Then the first one is bitcoin 这里你点击充值
Here you click on top up 他就会出现这个地址
He will appear this address 大家看到了吗
Did everyone see it? 最后
At last 点击复制地址
Click to copy address 然后复制到这个地方
Then copy to this place 最后输入你的金额
Finally enter your amount 也就是
That is 这么一串
Such a string 最后点击提现就可以了
Finally, click on the withdrawal. 当然
of course 我现在不会去提现
I will not withdraw cash now. 因为最近两天掉了实在太厉害了
Because it has been too bad in the last two days. 我如果提现对我实在太亏了
If I withdraw it, it would be too bad for me. 我要再等一下
I have to wait a second time. 等这个升个1或者升个2吧
Wait for this one to rise 1 or raise 2 如果你们不知道怎么去推广
If you don’t know how to promote it 这里
Here 我给大家推荐一种方式
I recommend a way for everyone. 好
it is good 现在回到这个界面
Go back to this interface now 然后可以看到你的推广链接
Then you can see your promotion link 对不对
right 复制这个推广链接
Copy this promotion link 这里可以输入这么一句话
Here you can enter such a sentence 世界上最快的浏览器
The fastest browser in the world 一款能挖矿赚取比特币的浏览器
A browser that can mine to earn bitcoin 玩电脑的同时也能赚更多的钱
You can make more money while playing computer 最后把这个链接放上去
Finally put this link on 这里就可以出现相应的英文
Here you can have the corresponding English 对吧
Right 复制以后
After copying 来到你的Facebook
Come to your Facebook Facebook有很多组
Facebook has many groups 比如说像我最近加入的
For example, like I recently joined 我就有特别多的组
I have a very special group. 都是一些跟赚钱相关的
Are all related to making money 对吧
Right 点开第一个
Open the first one 可以看到
can be seen 这个组里面大概有33630个人
There are about 33,630 people in this group. 所以如果你在这里面去发一段广告
So if you are here to send an ad 他马上会显示预览
He will show a preview right away 这个预览的图都帮我们做好了
This preview of the map has helped us do it. 对吧
Right 我们点击post
We click on post 一旦有人通过这个链接去下载
Once someone downloads through this link 我们就可以赚更多的比特币
We can make more bitcoins 这里面我加了大概
I added it here. 三十多个组吧
More than 30 groups 大家根据自己的情况
Everyone according to their own situation 可以去尽量的去多加一些组
Can go as much as possible to add some groups Facebook的组是很强大的
Facebook group is very powerful 因为人流量比较大
Because the flow of people is relatively large 同时发帖子的人也很多
There are also many people who post at the same time. 所以大家需要好好把握这个平台
So everyone needs to take a good grasp of this platform. 只给大家去分享Facebook这样的引流方法
Just give everyone a way to share the drainage method like Facebook. 如果大家有更好的点子
If everyone has better ideas 可以在视频下方去留言
Can leave a message below the video 或者是评论
Or a comment 给大家更好的一些启发吧
Give everyone some better inspiration. 如果大家还是不知道
If you still don’t know 怎么去具体的操作它
How to do it specifically 那么我会在下方留下我的博文链接
Then I will leave my blog post below 大家记得在下方的视频描述里面
Everyone remembers the video description below. 去看一下我的博文链接
Go and see my blog post 还有这个网站
And this website 还有我的推广链接
And my promotion link 都会放在下面
Will be placed below 大家如果支持我的话
If you support me, 可以点击一下
Can click 我的个人的专属下载链接
My personal exclusive download link 这样可以给我增加更多的比特币收入
This will give me more bitcoin revenue. 好吧
Ok 那么今天的视频就到这里
Then today’s video is here. 感谢大家的观看
Thank you for watching. 希望这一期视频对大家有所帮助
I hope this video will help everyone. 那我们下期再见
Then we will see you next time. 拜拜
Bye bye

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